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Here you can contribute various files, such as translations, to Ultimate Stunts.

Contribute or maintain a translation of a website page

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Ultimate Stunts now accepts donations through the Bitcoin system. In the table below, you can see to which Bitcoin addresses you can send money to donate for certain purposes. You can also add your own feature requests here. If you do that, please fill in your e-mail address, so that I can contact you if something is not clear.

The donated money will not be spent until the requested feature has been added to a new release of Ultimate Stunts. Please be aware that I (CJP) am the only one who judges whether a certain feature has been included in a new version. I will send the donated money to the person(s) who contributed the feature; this can be e.g. myself. If you have any questions, please contact me.

If you are a computer programmer or a game artist, and you wish to receive some of the donated money, you can contact me as well. We can agree to the details of the job and to a certain percentage of the donations (most will go to you if you do most of the work). In the end, I will decide whether your work is of sufficient quality to be included in Ultimate Stunts. I will not use your work as long as I haven't sent you the promised part of the donations.

Bitcoin address

Donated until now

Requested feature

1C7U4wdjDniYpqXSe1Y7BHiokrxLiTWgdR Add a city racing tileset.
Donations will be collected when a version is released that contains a city racing tileset. The tileset will be sufficiently diverse to be able to make an entire racing track with it.
14pLpCV9JjpT7g7Dv3ArxDwcsdDWQfBUTj Improve the computer opponent.
Donations will be collected when a version is released that significantly improves the computer opponent.
1HiLZwTFg1SBJip5ykxfgb2ttwJcozRkUU Add a new car.
Donations will be collected when a version is released that contains a new car.
17h6D3uti82fHTwobCeH4twF7EF36vHkF9 Release a new version.
Donations will be collected whenever a new version is released.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to add new feature requests, because the website has run out of Bitcoin addresses. Please try again later.

(Thanks to and for making it easy to put Bitcoin balances on websites)