Using the Ultimate Stunts server program 0.6.x

Starting the program

To use the server, just start the "ustuntsserver" program. You can set initial values on the commandline with the syntax variable=value. For example:
ustuntsserver port=4302
Values that can be set on the commandline can also be changed within the program. The advantage of the commandline is that you know the initial value. For example, if some other application has already reserved the default port number 4301, then the ustuntsserver program might fail to start when the port number is not changed on the commandline.


Directly after starting the server, it start listening on the network port so that clients can connect to it. Every time a client is added, this will be displayed to you.
While waiting for clients to be added, you can give commands to the server. The "help" command shows which commands are available on your version of the server.

Usually, you should do the following things in this order: