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Warning: this translated page is older than the english page, so maybe it does not contain the most recent information. For the most recent information, we refer to the english page. If you want to help: you can maintain this translation on the Contribute Files section.

August 03, 2005

I've not worked on Ultimate Stunts for a while because I was doing holiday-things (one of those activities was visiting someone in the United States), but now I'm back.

May 26, 2005

Released version 0.5.5. The most important change in this version isthat players get penalty time when they do not follow the road. Also, the game stops when all cars have finished. The size of the tiles has been increased for better gameplay, and many tiles are added or improved.

May 03, 2005

Michiel Plooy has made a track converter that converts Stunts tracks to Ultimate Stunts tracks. You can get it here. It still has a few bugs, and many tiles are not yet available in Ultimate Stunts, but for the rest it is a nice tool, especially because he told me that he reverse-engineered both the original Stunts file format and the Ultimate Stunts file format (he didn't know that both formats are documented on the Ultimate Stunts website). Unfortunately it's only available for windows, as it is written in Visual Basic. Linux users can give it a try in Wine.

March 31, 2005

Released version 0.5.4, which brings some major improvements in the most criticised part of Ultimate Stunts: the game physics. The old physics engine is replaced by completely new code, which may be slightly less realistic, but definitely brings more fun to playing Ultimate Stunts.

March 2, 2005

Do you know that feeling, when you try to solve something in a very difficult way for a long time, and finally you discover a much easier solution that could have saved you a lot of time? That happened to me for the Ultimate Stunts physics. I am now making a completely new physics engine, which will be much more Stunts-like, and which is no longer based on the ODE library. All the spinning-car problems are solved in a very easy, Stunts-like, way, which will greatly improve the gameplay. The only disadvantage is that the new simulation will initially be not as realistic as the old one.

February 25, 2005

Released version 0.5.3, with faster graphics, faster loading and support for localisation. The most important problem, which is in the game physics, is not yet solved, but it will (probably) be in the next version.

February 11, 2005

The music vote page has been improved. In the near future, some songs from Pronobozo will be added.

February 03, 2005

The developments with the new 3D file format give spectacular results. While the files are "only" 5 times smaller, the loading time decreases even more because there is no longer a time-consuming parsing step in the loading. Version 0.5.3 will load any track with any set of cars in just a few seconds.

January 28, 2005

Released version 0.5.2. This new release of Ultimate Stunts has made a huge leap in its network functionality. Now it should be possible to play Ultimate Stunts over a LAN. Of course, there are some other improvements, and some additions to the data files.

January 27, 2005

The 0.5.2 release is almost finished. The only problem is that the windows version (= Cygwin version) of the server program doesn't seem to work. Once I've solved that, I'll release version 0.5.2.

January 20, 2005

The official site location is now

January 12, 2005

A new domain name,, has been registered, which refers to a hosting location outside This will make it possible to work with advertisements in order to get some money out of the Ultimate Stunts project. If I can get some advertisements, then the initial idea is that the money will go to me, CJP. That sounds fair to me, because I do most of the programming work, I maintain the website and I pay for the new hosting location. Maybe I'll allow website translators to add extra (language-specific) advertisements, so that they can get some compensation for the good work they provide.

To all opensource enthusiasts out there: don't worry! Ultimate Stunts will remain completely open source (unlike TuxRacer). The fact that I take a more commercial approach to the website exploitation does not mean that Ultimate Stunts becomes proprietary software. By the way, Sourceforge will still be used for the package download system and for CVS.

Somewhere in the next few weeks, will become the new official website location. will contain a link to the new location, and maybe it will be used for development purposes.

January 07, 2005

A small problem has occured with the translation system: the translation pages are made in such a way that they send me an e-mail when a translation is received, so that I know when to look for new translations. For some reason, this does not work any longer: I don't receive those emails anymore (maybe Sourceforge disabled it). Some translations were made even before the last changes on the site, but I'll find out what is stull useable. This explains to all translators why I'm so late with updating the translations. I'd like to thank the Hungarian translator, BBalazs, for discovering this problem.

January 05, 2005

Released the Linux binary package, as promised.

January 04, 2005

Happy new-year! I've almost finished a Linux binary package for Ultimate Stunts 0.5.1. I had to use some tricks to make sure that SuSE 9.0 is not the only distribution where the binaries will work (it's partially statically linked, partially the dynamic libraries are supplied with it and only two or three libs should be available on the system on standard locations).

December 23, 2004

Released version 0.5.1. The installation procedure has changed a lot, especially for windows users. For people who have downloaded Ultimate Stunts before: please have a new look at the installation procedure (but I'm sure it has become easier).

December 20, 2004

I found a major bug in the collision detection code, which causes the cars to bounce back extremely fast when hitting edges of objects. I'm still working on a solution: it will probably take some time before it gets solved.

November 18, 2004

Released version 0.5.0. According to the version number, Ultimate Stunts should now be 50% finished. A lot of difficulties have been solved, like setting up the game core structure and most of the physics stuff, but there are still some major steps to take, for example, making a track editor.

November 15, 2004

Ultimate Stunts still has a long way to go until it is finished, but there are already a lot of people who refer to it on forums and websites. Recently I found out that this website is number 3 in google's results on the word "stunts". There is also an Ultimate Stunts entry in the Wikipedia.

October 20, 2004

Added binaries for the Fedora Core 2 Linux distribution. Also added two new members to the team.

October 14, 2004

A small bugfix in version 0.4.7. Now people without joysticks can also use Ultimate Stunts.

October 13, 2004

Released version 0.4.7. Now you can play Ultimate Stunts in split screen mode, with up to four(!) players. Also the reflection is improved. The next version will be version 0.5, with more development to the game rules and the GUI.

September 15, 2004

Released version 0.4.6. Check out the new graphics features!

September 9, 2004

1: The F.A.Q. page is added.
2: a little report about the 0.4.6 work going on: I managed to improve the car graphics to a high degree, by adding some reflection. The second car made available in Ultimate Stunts will be a F1 car. Editing the car's configuration file (new in 0.4.6) and driving around is a lot of fun!

August 24, 2004

I replaced some songs on the music vote page, and de-blocked most IP numbers, so you can vote again. I'll have to replace this system sooner or later, but for now I have other priotities. BTW. for those of you who want to make speed records: with an unmodified car and a new automatic gearbox (not available in 0.4.5) I reached 315 km/h, so it is possible.

August 23, 2004

Released version 0.4.5. Now you can try to do the looping, or get extremely high speeds at the long straight road with the improved car. My personal maximum with this version is 306 km/h. If you can do it better, send me a screenshot of it. Maybe we can make a contest of highest maximum speeds.

August 16, 2004

Received some Brasilian Portugese translations (which is different from European Portugese). In some cases, when one language is spoken in multiple countries, I have to decide which flag I place on the site. To avoid nationalistic flag wars, let me explain my policy: in these cases, I'll put the flag of the country of origin of the language. So for English I use the British flag, and not the American, Canadian or Australian flag. I previously assumed that Brasilian Portugese and European Portugese aren't different, but as this assumption turned out to be wrong (they told me), I replaced the Portugese flag with the Brasilian one. If there are Portugese people around here who want their flag back: just submit translations for European Portugese.

August 13, 2004

I made some improvements to Ultimate Stunts that will bring us closer to version 0.4.5. These are the results:

August 4, 2004

Somebody has sent me a partially translated version of the Screenshots page in chinese. Unfortunately I currently don't support non-western character sets, so all who want to read chinese will have to wait until I find a solution.

July 26, 2004

I'm back

July 9, 2004

Next week I'll be on holiday, so you should not expect any activity then. Translations won't be activated till I'm back.

June 16, 2004

Yesterday was a top day for this website with a total of 1620 visitors. At the same time I was developing a new look for this site. I hope you like it!

June 14, 2004

Released version 0.4.4. I'm finally making some improvements: this looks more like the racing game that I want than previous versions.

June 7, 2004

I added a warning system that detects if translations of the website should be updated. This message on the news page should work as a test.

June 2, 2004

Released version 0.4.3, which features ODE physics. The connection between ODE and my own collision detection has not yet been made, so you'll have to wait for 0.4.4 for that.

May 24, 2004

The decision has been made to use ODE for physics. The ODE demos are very good, and it turned out to be very easy to use ODE in Ultimate Stunts.

May 18, 2004

Because of the long development time of the physics engine, and the fact that there still aren't much results, we consider using ODE as a physics engine.

April 20, 2004

Added an extra page to make it easier to contribute translations

March 26, 2004

Recently, a number of people wrote that they are willing to make translations for Ultimate Stunts (see the Open Discussion forum). So, in the future there will be translations in Portugese, German, Dutch and Hungarian. To make a start, I translated a part of the website to Dutch.

March 16, 2004

I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that the current way of handling physics will probably never be perfect. The good news is that some time ago another way of physics handling was proposed by Willy Angenent. He got some algoritms from SIGGRAPH, so they are probably good, but I originally thought to be able to make more simple algoritms. As my own algoritms have become far too complex, I think that it's good to try the alternative. A 2D testing program showed me that it can be implemented quite quickly, and that a realistic and stable simulation can result.

March 12, 2004

And here it is: Ultimate Stunts 0.4.2. It's terrible to drive, but the rotational physics seem to be more or less correct right now. I've also updated the compilation manual, so that it contains more information about getting FMOD working and about compilation in Cygwin.

March 10, 2004

Unfortunately, even the new ideas don't work perfectly, but with some modifications it looks nice. I've made the last changes, so releasing is now just a matter of days.

February 25, 2004

Finally, after months of calculations and several kilometres of paper, I found a way to get the physics right! I'll release 0.4.2 quite soon now.

January 12, 2004

Happy new year! I got myself a new computer and I had some exams, so I didn't have time for Ultimate Stunts, but now I'm back again.

December 10, 2003

I've put a new song of Symsonic on the music voting page, to replace the least popular one.

December 9, 2003

Released a datafix package that should fix some errors that some (windows) users get.

December 2, 2003

Released version 0.4.1.

November 28, 2003

I've located another bug, and by disabling that piece of code, the collision detection seems to work fine now. I'll make some very small improvements, and release version 0.4.1 next week.

November 27, 2003

I finally found the bug in the collision detection code that caused some trouble. But it's still not working perfectly, so there are probably more bugs to fix.

October 21, 2003

Released version 0.4.0. Enjoy the new collision detection. It's not yet perfect, but you can have some fun with it.

September 25, 2003

Made a second release of the 0.3.4 source, with a minor fix for systems that don't have fmod.

September 19, 2003

Released Ultimate Stunts version 0.3.4. The next version will be 0.4.0, with some basic collision detection code in it.

September 04, 2003

I've isolated a bug in the streaming music code, which has caused some delay in the development. I think it's FMOD-related, and maybe I'll post a bug-report. I'll also try to make a work-around solution to fix the problems.

August 06, 2003

Released a fixed second release of the source code.

July 09, 2003

Now I *really* released version 0.3.3.

July 07, 2003

Tried to release version 0.3.3. Very minor changes compared to version 0.3.2 :-( but it's a good starting point for 0.3.4. The data files (with large tiles) will follow later this week. The files aren't released yet because the sourceforge website is giving trouble today.

June 11, 2003

Plans for implementing large tiles already showed a lot of problems, and while implementing it, I detected even more trouble. So I decided not to implement this feature right now, and cut large tiles into pieces, which was the original plan.

May 22, 2003

Released a fixed version of the 0.3.2 source files. The previous version had some problems when compiling with gcc 3.

May 15, 2003

Implementing large tiles is harder than I thought, so it will take some extra time.

May 02, 2003

A new page has been added, the music voting page. You can vote there on songs to be included in Ultimate Stunts.

Apr 28, 2003

I finally decided how to implement large tiles, like 2x2x1 corners and 2x1x2 loopings. It's possible that they're present in the next version, 0.3.3.

Apr 23, 2003

Released version 0.3.2. The best visible changes are the two new camera viewpoints, and the reintroduction of the 3d editor.

Mar 19, 2003

Released a data files fix. Also updated the download & documentation pages.

Mar 14, 2003

Replaced some web-graphics with smaller-sized version, in an attempt to solve site-loading problems.

Mar 13, 2003

Released version 0.3.1.

Mar 11, 2003

Added the sky in the top of the site (of course you've already noticed).

Mar 10, 2003

Small changes in the planning page; introduced new website graphics (I hope it's not too heavy for 56k6 modems <:-| )

Feb 24, 2003

Fixed the download-page: the sourcecode-link was still pointing to release 1 of version 0.3.0. It now points to the fixed release 2.

Feb 13, 2003

Updated parts of the documentation on the site

Feb 12, 2003

A new sourcecode release: 0.3.0 release 2. Nothing new, just some small fixes.

Feb 10, 2003

Released version 0.3.0. Read about the changes here.

Feb 05, 2003

Did a lot of improvements on the future version 0.3.0. It now has almost all functionality of the previous versions, so it's close to releasing.

Jan 23, 2003

Added a bugs page to this site.

Jan 21, 2003

And there it is: version 0.2.4! However, after waiting so long, the result might be disappointing: there are almost no changes since version 0.2.3. That's because we're working on version 0.3.0.

Jan 17, 2003

Because the development of version 0.3.0 takes such a long time, we'll probably release a version 0.2.4, based on version 0.2.3, containing some small changes to let the game look better.

Jan 16, 2003

The future version 0.3.0 (the source is available on CVS) now creates an SDL window. When most 0.2.3 functionality is copied to version 0.3.0, we'll officially release it.

Jan 9, 2003

Changed the GUI plans a little. See also the corresponding document.

Jan 6, 2003

Happy new-year! We don't stop working on Ultimate Stunts, so you can expect great new features this year.

Dec 19, 2002

Updated the GUI+game-session documentation. The development of version 0.3.0 is now really starting to show some results. But we're still far from releasing it.

Dec 13, 2002

Changed the screenshots page: it now contains two collumns of pictures.

Dec 12, 2002

Temporary change of the UltimateStunts logo on this site ;-)

Dec 4, 2002

Succesfully posted the first sources of version 0.3.0 to CVS. Note that this is a complete restart of the source-tree. Existing code will be copied to this tree later.

Dec 2, 2002

We started the development of version 0.3 some time ago. The first versions will appear on CVS soon (this week), and when all porting and reprogramming is completed, a 0.3.0 release will follow.

Nov 21, 2002

Updated the description-page to fit the new plans, partially introduced by Martin. Some new updates might follow, as plans are still changing.

Nov 20, 2002

Released version 0.2.3. The most spectacular change is the addition of sound. If things keep going as they are now, this will be the last release without code of Martin in it.

Nov 13, 2002

Added Martin ("Bones") to the project. He seems to have more knowledge about SDL and multithreading. Anyway, the fresh, new ideas I get from him give a lot of discussion, so future releasing might be slowed down for a while, but this (probably) results in a better program.

Nov 8, 2002

Placed a second release of the version 0.2.2 windows binaries. The only difference is a better configuration file.

Nov 7, 2002

Released version 0.2.2. This version contains some slight improvements over version 0.2.1. Some more important are the joystick support for Linux, and the searching for configuration files on various locations. This last feature could give some bugs, so watch it carefully.

Nov 5, 2002

It's a little late, but I updated the links in the download page, so that they point to the current versions (0.2.1). This isn't really needed for smart people: they would have discovered the error, and they would download the latest versions via the sourceforge download page.

Nov 4, 2002

Added a document about the network communication protocol. It will probably be implemented in the 0.3.x versions, but the conclusions I made for the datadir layout could have consequences for future 0.2.x versions. Before I can implement things, I first need to get a working TCP tutorial.

Nov 1, 2002

Release of version 0.2.1. The best visible change is the replacement of the temporary "camera" physics with more realistic (but also temporary) car physics.

Oct 14, 2002

Updated some documentation: the server, client and tile-edit manuals. They now apply to version 0.2.0.
I also started a discussion in the developers forum about the file transfer functionality.

Oct 10, 2002

Version 0.2.0 has been released! Finally, you can test this version on your own computer. Version 0.2.0 is a giant leap forward compared to the previous release, 0.1.7. The client program now displays the cars of all other clients. This way, a real interaction is possible between the clients: the beginning of a game match!

Oct 9, 2002

Replaced the 0.2.0 preview screenshots with some newer ones. I hope the 0.2.0 release will be ready before the end of this week.

Oct 2, 2002

Added two preview screenshots of version 0.2.0. The 0.2.0 release will of course look better.

Oct 1, 2002

Definitively released version 0.1.7. The next release will be 0.2.0, which will also include a new data file release. Because I don't want to release the data files too many times (they're so large!), I am waiting with releasing until I have a nice car model. I already have a nice 3ds model of a mazda cabrio, but the converter to my own format isn't finished yet.

Sep 30, 2002

Added documentation about the UltimateStunts file formats.

Sep 27, 2002

I added a preview of version 0.1.7. I think I'll make the release definitive, because I'm already working on version 0.2.0.

No news

Oh, I almost forgot it: I recently added this page. That's a kind of news.