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Warning: this translated page is older than the english page, so maybe it does not contain the most recent information. For the most recent information, we refer to the english page. If you want to help: you can maintain this translation on the Contribute Files section. The following instructions describe how to install Ultimate Stunts on your system. Before downloading, please realise that the current Ultimate Stunts version is not the final release: a lot of essential functionality is still missing.

Linux-, *BSD-, OS X- and other UNIX-users


  • Download the windows installation program and execute it
  • Read the documents that apply to your situation
  • If you want, modify ultimatestunts.conf to fit your needs
  • You can start ultimatestunts from the start menu or from its installation directory.
  • Latest downloads (version 0.7.7)

    Previous UltimateStunts releases can be downloaded on the sourceforge download page . That is also the right place to look for Linux RPM packages. The following links refer to tar.gz packages of the current versions:

    Source code with data files (47.4MB)

    Source code without data files (47.4MB)

    Windows installation program (26.5MB)

    You will always need the Data files, and either the source files, or (being a windows user) the windows binaries. The packages are tar.gz files, so you'll need programs to extract these files. On an average UNIX/Linux system this should not be a problem; windows users can use e.g. winzip.