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For old "milestone" screenshots: click here

Previous versions:

Two times Ultimate Stunts: one hosting a game, and the other joining it. This screenshot shows the moment when the second process detects the game server. The same game, now showing some graphical improvements: the new Jeep car, the timer on the top of the screen, and the extra shininess of the body material of the Ferrari.
A screenshot of the new player menu. A preview of the player's car is visible in the background, so that you can see immediately whether the color you've selected is acceptable. You can also see that a computer player is selected: the computer player's behavior has been improved in this version. The new Ferrari F40, driving in the new clifftest track. This screenshot also demonstrates the new lens flare and screen whitening.
You can see the new horizon image, and the track map in the topright corner. The track editor now contains a more user-friendly dialog for selecting a Stunts track.
With the improved physics engine, some stunts have become easier, like driving in the pipe upside-down. The new track editor has a user-friendly dialog for selecting tiles and placing them.
You have to be careful, because otherwise you'll crash your car in this new version. Here you see the "compass" in the track editor, which can be used to move around in the track, together with the new OpenGL mouse cursor.
You can now add new types of tile to your track in the track editor. Smoke coming out of a total-loss Diablo. You can also see the improved sky color.

Current version

The track editor will automatically calculate the routes for you. In case of a problem, a question mark will appear. The new settings editor makes it easier to enter the correct value for various configuration parameters.