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Description of the GUI

A typical gaming session

This describes a typical gaming session with Ultimate Stunts 1.0. Only the communication between the server and one graphical client program is described. Multithreading on the server-side is not described. On the client-side, a separate thread for the GUI is described.
Step GUI thread ultimatestunts stuntsserver
1 Start
2 Initialising game session & loading track
3 Start
4 Start Start GUI thread
5 User chooses to log in Waiting for data from GUI
6 Viewing add player menu Connecting to server
7 Viewing add player menu Receiving gamesession info Giving the gamesession info (carset & track names)
8 Viewing add player menu (down)loading carset file Uploading requested files
9 Using carset info for car selecting menus (down)loading track + related files Uploading requested files
10 User is ready with adding cars (down)loading track + related files Uploading requested files
11 View "loading..." Sending player info from GUI to server Collecting player info from all clients
12 View "loading..." Requesting final carset file Waiting for all player info; creating final carset file
13 View "loading..." Downloading carset file + related files Uploading requested files
14 Stop Stop GUI thread; send initial input data
15 Main loop Send initial position data; counting down for start
16 Main loop Main loop
17 Exiting mainloop Exiting mainloop; send highscore
18 Merge highscore with highscore on disk
19 Start Start GUI thread
20 View highscore Downloading replay+related files Uploading requested files
21 User chooses to race again Downloading interrupted; race again request is sent Uploading interrupted
22 View "please wait..." Waiting for server Server decides to race again; new game session started
23 Return to 7 Return to 7 Return to 7