Playing Ultimate Stunts

When the ultimatestunts game is started, music playback starts, and a menu interface appears. You can start playing immediately, by selecting the "Drive!" option in the main menu. Alternatively, you can first change some things, like cars/players and the track.

When you choose to start playing, the data files are loaded. Depending on your hardware, this might take some time. When all data is loaded, the game starts. The control bindings of the game (keys, joystick etc.) can be changed in the settings, but this is the default for one player:

Menu functions

This section gives a walkthrough for the menus in Ultimate Stunts. We'll start with the menu options in the main menu:


Selecting this option will start the game. This allows you to start racing with only a single click after starting Ultimate Stunts.

After exiting the game, crashing or finishing, the hiscore of the track is displayed, and you can optionally choose to view or save a replay of this race. If you have reached the first place for this track, then a replay is automatically saved. The hiscore menu has the following options:

Set the game type

The main purpose of this menu is to select between a local game and different kinds of network multiplaying game types. You have the following options:

Select the track

If you want to play on another track, then you can select a track here.

The track page shows the follwing things: The track menu gives you the following options:

Players and cars

You can select the players, and the cars they drive, in this menu:

You can either add a player, or change an existing player in the list. Changing the player's settings or deleting the player is done in the individual player menu, which can be accessed by selecting a player in the player selection menu:

Split screen multiplaying (up to four players) is possible by adding multiple human players to the list.

View a replay

You can select this function from the main menu, and select a replay file to view it. Note that the best time replays, which are saved automatically, are not visible here: you can view them from the track menu. Here, you can only select replays which are saved manually from the hiscore menu.


In the settings menus, you can change a large number of settings. The settings are divided into sections, like graphics and sound, and in each section, you can set a number of variables.

When a variable is changed, the change is applied immediately. Sometimes, the result of this can be noticed immediately, for instance, when setting the language, or when changing the music volume.

When you have changed some setting(s), and leave the settings menus, Ultimate Stunts asks you whether you want to save the settings. If you choose to save them, Ultimate Stunts writes the settings to a text file with the name "ultimatestunts.conf", and the next time you start Ultimate Stunts (or one of the other Ultimate Stunts programs), these settings will be loaded. If you choose not to save the settings, the settings are still applied to the current Ultimate Stunts session, but they won't be reloaded the next time. You can still save them later by entering the settings menus and leaving them again. Ultimate Stunts will detect again that some settings are changed, and will ask you again to save the settings.

Credits and License

Here you can see who made Ultimate Stunts, and you can read the General Public License. If you think you can do something useful for the Ultimate Stunts project, please feel free to contact the project administrator.


Ultimate Stunts can be a nice game, but there is a time for everything, and it is definitely not healthy to play computer games all day. Please use your time responsibly, and select this menu option if you really should be doing other things.